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  Our Teachers    

  Rukshan Srirangarajah  

Founder, DurgaThalaLayalayam


Back in 1997 Rukshan started learning Miruthangam from Guru Vijayarajah Mayilvaganam (London, UK) and afterwords from Guru Vivegananthan Karthikesu (Zürich, CH). After some time he got the contact to the great worldwide artist Guru Neyveli B. Venkatesh, from whom he still gets trained. 

He founded DurgaThalaLayalayam in the year of 2005 with Miruthangam classes in Luzern and Langenthal where he teached many students so far. In 2014 he completed his Teaching Grade at the NCOMS (North Ceylon Oriental Music Society) exam board. Apart from teaching, he works as an IT-Consultant full-time.


  Bravin Kalirajan  

Learning Miruthangam since: 2005

Teaching Grade: 2016(IITA), 2016(NCOMS)

Teaching since: 2017

Classes: Langenthal, Aarau

Profession: Student (Mechanical Engineering)

  Piriyanth Kulanesasegaran  

Learning Miruthangam since: 2006

Teaching Grade: 2017(IITA)

Teaching since: 2018

Classes: Luzern

Profession: Service Technician

  Praveenth Eswaran  

Learning Miruthangam since: 2009

Teaching Grade: 2016(IITA)

Teaching since: 2017

Classes: Olten, Yverdon-les-Bains

Profession: Development Engineer

  Saikrishnaa Shanmugarajah  

Learning Miruthangam since: 2012

Teaching Grade: 2018(IITA), 2017(NCOMS)

Teaching since: 2016

Classes: Burgdorf

Profession: IT-Supporter &

Student (Alternative Medicine)

  Gowshekan Rahu  

Learning Miruthangam since: 2005

Teaching Grade: 2017(IITA)

Teaching since: 2018

Classes: Luzern, Zürich, Wil SG

Profession: Electrician

  Jalakshigan Chandralingam  

Learning Miruthangam since: 2010

Teaching Grade: 2018(NCOMS)

Teaching since: 2017

Classes: Basel

Profession: Student

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