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 About us           

We are a family


DurgaThalaLayalayam has been growing constantly since its foundation in 2005 by Rukshan Srirangarajah. Started with 20 students in Luzern and Langenthal, our Miruthangam School counts now more than 100 students and totally 7 teachers who are giving classes in 9 different cities all around Switzerland. Remarkable is that all the other 6 teachers are Rukshan’s students. This shows the unity and mentality behind the school “DurgaThalaLayalayam”.

Our mission is not only to teach the beautiful art of Miruthangam, but also to educate the students to become better artists and musicians. Therefore, DurgaThalaLayalayam is developing continuously new formats, like internal exams or organizing Kutcheris (concerts), where students have the possibilities to apply what they have learned in the classroom. Also we organize yearly events like school trips to improve the bonding and stimulate the exchange between the students.

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